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Powerful Tips for Betting in Scr888 Online

The word betting itself enough to make anyone confused because you are predicting future and on the bases of your prediction you are betting your money. scr888 is an online casino platform in Malaysia which is available for both computer and mobile devices. There are about 100 games there to play including games where you have to bet your money. As compare to other games like slot machine and classic slot games, you have more chances to win big amount of money in live casino and betting games, but at the mean time you have equal chances to lose your money. So, it is very necessary to be careful when you bet your money at Scr888 online casino games while there are thousands of people online there to gamble and bet their money on same thing where you have bet. so, automatically the amount of money to bet on games at Scr888 increased. But still you can win great amount of money by betting your money at Scr888.

scr888 downloadYou can download Scr888 free of cost through Scr888 official website. Installation and playing Scr888 games are free until you bet or gamble your money but you need to pay high amount of money to expert to know their tips and tricks to win betting in Scr888 online. But don’t worry if you are new or even old and looking for some powerful tips for betting in Scr888 online because following i am sharing with you powerful tips for betting in Scr888 online which will double chances of your winnings:

Download Scr888 software for free:
To play Scr888, downloading Scr888 from is necessary while there are some online websites from you can play Scr888 online on their websites. By downloading Scr888 you increase your chances to win bets because the online software works more smoothly and without errors where the online Scr888 can get held and you can easily lose your betting amount within seconds. So, download Scr888 for free and play through your PC or mobile devices for better results and winning.

Know about your bank balance:
This is the most powerful but basic rule of betting. Until you don’t know how much money do you have to bet and how much money you want to you, you cannot become a successful gambler at Scr888 online casino. So, before you start playing games at Scr888, make sure to decide that how much money you are ready to lose, by doing this you can set your goal and divide your money in small portions to bet multiple times on different games or one game.

Try your luck:
Don’t stuck at one game at Scr888 in Malaysia and try your luck and money to bet on other Scr888 online games specially slot games. You can also bet your money there and this money depend on the type of slot machine and game you have selected to play. Always start from basic slot games to understand how does they work, read and follow the instruction to know and understand game in more details. This will increase your chances to win Scr888 games.

You can check out the SCR888 promotion to get even more bonuses and good deals.

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How Edward Lee Won RM3750 A Week Playing SCR888

Life had always been mediocre for Edward Lee. Residing in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, the vibrant capital city, Edward was a regular shop owner. Nowadays Malaysia is considered a meeting ground for several business developers and plenty of people from in and around the country settle down in Kuala Lumpur because it is often considered the hub of opportunities.

In the early years of marriage, Edward and his wife struggled to make ends meet from the bookstore business. But with the price hikes of everyday commodities, there came a time when Edward had to look for other options. Moreover, when Edward and his wife welcomed their son it was as clear as daylight that the money that Edward earned from the bookstore will not be enough for raising their child. Education, insurance, dreams of having a better house and comfortable car haunted Edward and he was frustrated to find a way to earn more.

Soon Edward had struggled through almost all options, he tried to do some data entry jobs and sales jobs which didn’t work out well for him. Though mentally stressed, Edward Lee was determined to secure a bright future for his son and so he decided to leave no stone unturned. That is when one of his friends suggested SCR888 casino which many people claimed to be their gateway to quick money.

Tips You Need to Know About SCR888 Free Download Online Game

In Malaysia, SCR888 was a popular online casino that was available for slot games which could be accessed from different kinds of devices like laptops, computers, mobile phones and other similar ones. In a word, all Edward needed was a computer and internet connection to be a part of the SCR 888 free download, casino games.

Many of us often have the notion that online casinos are nothing but money laundering scams that drain you off your incomes and instead of earning you ending up losing what you own. Well, initially Edward was hesitant to join SCR 888 community, but he decided to play smart and that indeed turned out to be one of the best decisions of his life.

He had a few questions and decided to contact SCR888Malaysia to clear the doubts.

The first thing Edward kept in his mind before playing the online casino game was avoiding the addiction. So, the day Edward decided to start his first casino game at slot free download he only had RM100 to bet, even though he barely increased it to RM165, he decided to only play with the money that he would earn from the online casino game. He needed to build his bankroll before he could take chances to risky bets.

In online slot games like SCR888 Monkey Thunderbolt from there are plenty of options but each playing each category is fairly similar, you just have to pull the virtual lever and you can dream of winning the Jackpot, even if you won’t win the jackpot you may end up with more earnings than you began with. Besides smart games like blackjack and poker, the SCR888 free download had online slot games can be played even by a layman. Edward Lee was just a regular person without special skills or any tricks up his sleeve, his common sense and a sheer bit of luck helped him make it big in SCR888 casino game.

Unlike other online casino games, Edward found the SCR888 online to be very flexible. He could play it anytime he wanted from his android phone and also from his computer. Moreover, there are 100 different kinds of slot games like 3D roulette, Hollywood themed game, fruit game, rally, Sparta, discovery and lots more. From a general worker like Edward to a sportsperson, anyone could easily play this online casino game in spare time.

He can switch playing some of the most popular games to try his luck, for instance:

  • Highway Kings
  • Great Blue
  • Wukong (Monkey Story Plus)
  • Thai Paradise
  • Wong Choy
  • Cherry Love
  • Wild Fox
  • Safari Heat
  • Captain’s Treasure
  • Monkey Thunderbolt
  • Bonus Bears
  • Dolpin Reef

One of the coolest features that Edward discovered which helped him add a few extra bucks were cash flow for simple tasks, like verify WeChat and get RM5. Also, there is not only the 3 reel format but other formats like 5 or 6 reels for higher prices. From 2D terminator game to retro style games, SCR 888 Monkey Thunderbolt free download casino had something for everybody, and the 24/7 withdrawal bonus facility was very flexible too.

Edward always started from the ground level, and gradually increased his bets. Initially, he tried a few different slot games and soon learned which he was doing best in and in later days he stuck to those slot games only. Despite being similar and simple, often you may be good at a particular slot game while being terrible at another. Smartly, Edward didn’t run a fool’s errand behind all the games and gradually increased his benefits.

Before the week had come to an end, Edward Lee had crossed the RM3000 line and instead of being frustrated by monetary troubles he was a rich man on the rise. He earned RM3750 in one week and finally kept the promise that he had made to himself, providing a safer and brighter future for his family. Some say Edward Lee was a lucky man, god had helped him gain this fortune. But god only helps those who helps themselves, and for Edward, his smart approach, cautious betting and smooth interaction with the SCR888 online casino game was the key to a happy future.